Monday, February 23, 2015

what's in my brain today?

My new favorite misspelling of my name is Nickie.  It is so random.
A very nice lady wrote that on my Christmas card.

Kathleen Turner suddenly jumped into my brain last night as i was falling asleep.
Whatever happened to her?

Last week i took a broken chair to the dump and saw this:
It was only 4 days after Valentine's. 
Someone hated it enough to take it to the dump, but loved it enough that they just couldn't throw it in.
You know there has to be a good story there.

I am a lot older than i think i am.
I have now known most of my friends for 20 years or more.
In my head i am really not old enough to have known people that long unless we met in kindergarten.

Speaking of fast time flies, last spring Dash and I went to the library after school. There is a brick divider wall in the parking lot and i had the idea to put him into the "decorative" openings to take a picture of him peeking out of it.
Two weeks ago when we passed the same wall leaving the library, he said I want my picture taken in there. He could almost climb into it himself, but then needed i little help because he barely fit:

 Andrew took me to the Gem and Jewelry Show.
I was expecting gems and jewelry.
There were plenty of both, but he didn't warn me that there would be BEADS FOR SALE, dirt cheap.
Oh, so many pretty beads. Some of them had to come home with me.
Also, this lovely, understated purple ring came home with me as well, thanks to Andrew.

What happens to those beads?
I think we all know the answer to that.
It sounds so impressive to say, I worked hard all day and got 80 pairs of Quirkees designed, plus another 60 pairs pulled for design.

The picture doesn't make it look that impressive though.
That's the problem with creating little things.

In case you didn't realize it, i have been updating my 101 progress every week.

Learning never gets old; i love the tingle of new neural pathways being forged in my brain.
Last night i was reading a book and came across a word i'd never seen before: gainsay. From the context of the sentence it seemed like it would mean " to agree with" but in fact it means the opposite - deny or contradict.
Let's all try to use gainsay in a sentence this week, shall we?
And in case you are wondering, yes, gainsaid is the past tense. That makes me smile and i don't even know why.

There are no pictures for it, but i did use one of the neglected kitchen gadgets that is on my 101 - the electric skillet.  It has not been plugged in for at least a decade, but it provided a nice, evenly heated surface for the pancakes i made over the weekend.
One down, three to go: immersion blender, bread tube and my pop chef.

Monday, February 16, 2015

great tastes that don't taste great together

Sometimes completely by accident we stumble upon cool combinations that we would never have thought to put together like spaghetti and corn or chix noodle soup and corn or corn omelettes.
Unfortunately it also happens that by accident we stumble straight into a combo of nasty like moni cheese, Tabasco, bourbon and butterscotch pudding.
Don't do that, people.
Just don't.
Trust me on this.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

brain dump

The jewelry show this weekend went well - meeting new customers and catching up with previous ones. 
It was fantastic to put a newly remade bracelet on its owner. 
She had some wooden letter beads from a broken bracelet that she wanted me to salvage so i added two sizes of jade beads randomly, creating a double wrap that she loved.

Last night while i was brushing my teeth i suddenly realized that the ABC Song is to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Did you know that? How did i not notice that before? 
I stood in the bathroom, mouth full of foam singing both of them to verify my epiphany. 
Incidents like this convince me that i should both have a personal photo/videographer to capture the insanity and that i should never ever let anyone see what i am like at home alone. Not sure how to get both of those things to exist simultaneously. 

42 days into the 101 challenge and i am already happy that i have over 2.5 years to get some of this stuff done. It has focused me, but there are still daily/weekly things that i haven't managed to work in yet. It is nice to know that i have the time to ease into some of these things.

Speaking of the 101, #77 is Blog caught up, which doesn't sound hard until you consider that i have two whole vacations to do, as well as pictures ranging from last week to last year to four years ago.
Ridiculous, Niki.
So i am going to aggressively try to clean out the A BLOG photo folder by doing random posts like this one, combining several small posts into one larger one.

Jason loves BBQ - i mean, that boy loves barbecue - so last year he was stalking a local food truck called The Smoking Swine
a picture of Kate taking a picture of JP and DJP
When it was at  Catonsville ArtVille the family went to try it. 
My pulled pork was very good, but the stand out was the Slap Yo Mama Mac and Cheese. Three cheeses, two noodle shapes, a touch of heat and goldfish on the top add up to a moni cheese that easily makes my top 5 list, possibly my top 3. 
The only disappointment was that the prices were seriously jacked up for the festival, not even close to the advertised prices online.

The older i get the more i appreciate what a fine job my parents did raising me; I was blessed to have both my mother and father actively involved. 
Recently i have been dealing with people that have no idea how to be adults; self-absorbed and clueless, it is obvious that their parents were indulgent or clueless themselves. Both personal and professional activities are conducted with only their best interest in mind and with the maturity of a high-schooler.
Don't get me wrong: in no way do i think i am perfect. 
Please, on a good day i am scattered, nuts, judgmental and vain-glorious (though honestly, who wouldn't be if they were me?). 
But there are good parts as well and i can see that they were created or nurtured by my parents.
The more i realize how much of me is a reflection of them, the less angry i am with these ridiculous people i encounter. In fact, i kind of feel sorry for them because the entitlement and resulting inability to cope with reality didn't come from out of the air: someone fostered it in them.
So if you are reading this Mommy or Daddy, good job.

This hunk of blue glass was in a garden that was the setting for a party i attended last summer.
Does anyone know what it is, how it was made, where i can one?
I am intrigued by things that defy my explanation.

It was from The Pub in Gettysburg. Ron and I ate there again during our stay at the Lodges in August. This time i ordered a calzone.
It was the size of a small house.
Anytime something is served with its own gigantic knife you know you are in for an experience. 
Gosh, it was good.
 All four meals that it took me to finish it, it was good.
The Dessert of the Week was Fruity Pebbles Cake.
You read that right.

It also was fantastic and lasted for three days, being the densest cake i have ever eaten. 

As well as the pinkest.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Cindy-Lou Who

Most of the time at home my hair is up in a bun or a knot because that keeps it out of my eyes and makes it less likely (that would be only less likely) that i end up with paint in my hair.
A lovely consequence is that when i take it down to leave the house i can shake my hair out into nice waves.
Cute hair with no work.
At least that's how it normally works.
Until I am counting on it to work because i am on my way to a lecture and then this:
screw you gravity; i do what i wants