Friday, March 31, 2017


Good corn.

Big corn.

I mean, BIG corn.

Inedible corn.

Concrete corn.

Ohio was the major producer of corn in the US for many years, which calls for a giant, concrete corn planted in a field in Dublin, OH.
And not just one giant ear of concrete corn - there are 109 of them.
It isn't in some far, out-of-the-way field; this awesome art installation is right next to an office park.
You are just driving through Dublin and there it is in all of its corny glory;
 Rea took me here for my birthday a couple of years ago knowing that i love both corn and giant objects.
Two for one joy! 
Plus another 101 item.

You can read her account of the adventure at the Cackleberry Hollow blog here

In case you don't forsee a trip to central Ohio in your future, enjoy some video of that gorgeous May day (2015) surrounded by an overwhelming amount of concrete corn.
You're welcome.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017