Saturday, September 27, 2014

i am wearing pants!

I have been released from the sling that bound me.
My (hopefully) final x-ray was a few days ago and things look good.
Now comes the physical therapy for 3 weeks to work on getting back shoulder function and range of motion. Right now i can lift my left arm up to nearly shoulder height (about 75 degrees out of the possible 180).
After only 4 weeks of immobilization it is amazing how weak some of the muscles have become; this morning it felt like i had done a hard arm day at the gym with free weights when in fact i had only used the arm to do normal things like opening doors and getting dressed.
The soreness doesn't really bother me though, as it means i am another day closer to being better. In fact, i feel like after a week of motion exercises i could start strength training and be fine in 2 weeks.
My doctor disagrees.
He has me on THREE WEEKS of functionality therapy and then wants to see me to decide the next step.
sigh... three more weeks of not lifting anything heavier than a bottle of water... imagine how wussy my shoulder will be by then...
Oh well, at least i can wear clothes with zippers now.
You'd be surprised at just  how happy that makes me.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

170 hours and counting

My X-ray last week showed that the crack isn't getting worse (which no one even told me was an option). My awesome ortho doctor said that if next week's looks as good i might be able to start moving my arm a little and start rehabing it.
Honestly, i am not good at being infirmed. Though i have to admit that figuring out how to get things done without my left arm has become a game to me. There is a 10-step dance to get into the driver's seat properly belted. I do like the challenge.
But there are some things that are still too hard to be fun, like getting dressed for the lovely September weather we are having (tank tops are all i can get over my shoulder and i can't button/zip jeans with one hand) and doing something with my hair.
In fact, i have discovered that it is impossible to put in a ponytail with only one hand. Many folks have suggested various things like having my head upside down or laying on my bed with the hair hanging off the edge, all to no avail. I challenge you to give it a try and let me know if you can figure it out because i would totally give you a dollar.

Friday, September 5, 2014

cracked humerus head and it isn't funny

sorry... i had to make the joke before anyone else did

Last week i was running in my apartment to answer the phone, fell on my hardwood floor and slid.
No, i didn't trip over something.
No, i didn't have on slippy socks.
I have no idea what happened.
One second i was filled with sleepy glee that i was going to talk to my BFF after a few days away and the next i was on the floor. Rea thinks glitter might somehow be responsible, but i refuse to believe that glitter would betray me like that.
I wish it was a better story, i really do.

The of my upper arm bone cracked right under the knobbily part.

Doesn't look that bad, right?

People, that is 4-6 weeks of having my arm immobilized.
Right at the start of the autumn festival season.
Though when i saw the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday (yes, it was 6 days before i saw the specialist because of the holiday weekend) he assured me If you have to break your shoulder, this is the way you want to do it because the crack isn't displayed or chipped so i don't need surgery.
This injury doesn't get casted, i just have to hold it still.
For 4-6 weeks.
There is a sling to help, but my recovery hinges on my patience and my body's natural healing process.
Nothing can possibly go wrong with that plan.
Because i am well known for my forbearance, will power and stillness.
And my body never lets me down; it is a well honed machine.

sigh... i'm screwed

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wed-Sun of last week

mmmmmmmm... pain meds

I am finally out of the initial injury haze and seeing an orthopedic surgeon today.
Tonite or tomorrow i will post an update.
Thanks to everyone who has checked up on me, super thanks to Suzanne for getting me a new phone and extra special thanks to Jason and Kate who kept me in caffeine, left food while i was sleeping and didn't even blink when i declared, The dragons want a milkshake!