Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Oh my gosh, how much i have missed being here.
The last week has been all about NikCo: a card set update on Etsy, first show of the season, May/June class list.
Busy with work is ALWAYS good, but it doesn't leave much time for hanging out at the library to share completely random things,

like this tortoise yard art 
that for a moment, 
from a distance,
 i thought was real. 
Until i remembered i wasn't in the Galapagos. 

BTW, since i mentioned it, be sure to have a gander at the new card sets on Etsy here; they are an eclectic mish-mosh of useful, but interesting, much like me.
Happy May to you all! 
It is indeed my birthday month so every day is a reason to celebrate here in the Nikiverse.
Yesterday was Star Wars Day, today is Cinqo de Mayo and tomorrow is International No Diet Day. [no, i did not make that up] 
Enjoy every day of May, people.

And now for a random beauty break:
April tulips, with Great Gma Weber looking on

One wee bad thing about May is that it marks the end of National Grilled Cheese Month.
We all know that i love grilled cheese.
And that i love the Grilled Cheese & Co.
At the end of last year i was able to introduce my friend Suzanne to the wonders of the GCC:
capturing her first bite; can i tell you how PLEASED Suzanne is that this is her first photo in The Nikiverse?
Her first experience was my go-to fave, the Blue Ox, while i tried the holiday special, The Gobbler:

mmmmmmmm... roasted turkey, gouda, apple butter, potato pancakes, and arugula on pumpernickle...
Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich, except hold the arugula because yuck.

Speaking of specials, the most recent special at GCC was the Mac Daddy.
I will give you a moment to just behold its majesty.
Yes friends, that is a grilled cheese filled with mac-n-cheese and pot roast.
Words can not capture even a portion of its awesomeness.
Unfortunately, the Mac Daddy's time has passed, but we are at least back to one of my favorites, the Santorini.

Last week i walked into the living room to the sight of my salt shaker on the floor, balanced perfectly on its top.
When did it fall?
How did it land exactly on its top?
What is it even doing in the living room?
Most importantly, how am i gonna pick it up without salt pouring out all over the floor?
Not only is it bad luck to knock over salt, it is impossible to sweep up.
After much strategizing, i went with flipping it over as fast as possible with the hope that centrifugal force [yes, i know it isn't really a force so much as an effect of inertia, but force is the common word used, so...] would push the salt against the walls of the shaker.
Nope, it sure didn't work that way. 
Yes, salt went flying everywhere in a lovely arc.
So much for strategy.

Finally, a popNikiquiz:
What is Niki's favorite string instrument?
Go ahead and call it out!

Did someone just say dobro?
Wow,  that is a wild-a** guess; though points for originality.
Most of you, of course, said the cello.
Enjoy some cello.