Thursday, July 7, 2016


No really, it is a giant clown.
How giant? you ask.
Can you spot me in this picture?
Okay yes, the clown in question is Ronald McDonald and he is not as scary as other clowns (at least not this mid-late 20th century version of him; some of the live ones i've seen have been highly questionable).

But this Ronald is BIG -
 big enough to hold me in his hand.

Located of I-71 in central-ish Ohio (exit 131, to be exact) this mega-Ron is welcoming everyone to share in a Happy Meal at the adjacent pavilion, which is probably the prettiest, most well-maintained McDonald's Birthday area i have ever seen.
Rea and i stopped specifically to collect this giant object for my 101 list when i was there for my birthday/Mother's Day in May.
She wanted a picture of me by the anthropomorphic food for another size reference:

though on closer examination,
does it look like
the hamburger is ironically trying to eat me?

A pleasant little stop in our day and another thing crossed from the list, but i do have to admit that when you are sitting under Ronald, looking straight up,
he is a little scary.