Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It has always been one of my favorite holidays. When i was younger it really was my favorite time of the year. We went to Ohio to be with my parents' families. It meant travel and food and fun and spending time with my BFF, Rickki. We used to count the days till Thanksgiving like most people count to Christmas. As an adult i find myself reflecting every year on what i am thankful for. Generally i am an appreciative person; I really know that i have a good life. I can see that the terrible, painful things in life are balanced by beauty and opportunities. Everybody has days when they hate getting out of bed, but mine are few and far between. After being unwell for so long I am thankful that I really am at peace at last. I am thankful that i get to go to a job every day that drives me NUTS, but i still love. I am thankful that despite my complete neglect, I am healthy. I am thankful that I have a genetic family that loves me. I am thankful that I have a family of friends that chose me and love me. I am thankful for the time i get to spend in my studio. I am thankful for the technology that allows me to remain in contact with everyone despite the distances between us. I am thankful that the school i am supposed to be at right now had their power go out this morning so i get to leave for Ohio this afternoon instead of staying up for 24 hours and driving through the night. I am thankful that God blesses me everyday that I wake up, especially since i know i have never done anything to deserve those blessings. Life is good. I love you all. Have a great holiday - enjoy your turkey and count your blessings.


Anonymous said...

Why not "I am thankful that my place of employment is not as f'dup as a certain one in Connecticut"

Happy turkey day,

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your friendship Niki! I am also thankful that you missed me burning everyones sculpty clay on Saturday! LOL!


Kaaren said...

I am thankful for friends acquired through marriage. :P

Melanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Niki!! We are thankful to have you in our lives!

Travel safe,

Melanie & Mike

Rea said...

I"m thankful you got to come out and see me...even for just a little bit!