Friday, July 20, 2012

sunset over the north shore

The only time i got to the North Shore of Oahu when i was in Hawaii was at the end of the day. All the famous shrimp trucks were packed up for the day so i wasn't going to stop, but after a long day of touristing a break for the sunset seemed like a good idea.
There are plenty of beaches and parks along the road by the ocean, but i wanted something a bit more secluded so i pulled over at a break in the guardrail where some surfers were packing up.
It was a wee hike down the break and then some careful scrabbling over the rocks, (why do i always seem to decide to do these things when i'm wearing a dress?) but the view was totally worth it:
hello Pacific

unobstructed view to the west
the breakers between me and the car

With the sun still well above the horizon there was plenty of time to do some writing and watch the surfers. Even as the temperature started to dip, some of those guys showed no signs of stopping.
The sound of the surf was so relaxing that i didn't notice the rising tide until it was almost too late.
I jumped to a higher rock before i was totally soaked

and watched the tidal wild life come out to scavenge.
There are little crabs all over the rocks in this picture

but you can't really see them because they were the same black as the rocks. There were also black water bugs and even little black fish swimming between the rocks. By the time i gave up trying to get a picture of the tiny creatures, the sun was sinking towards the sea.

 sigh... so lovely... so peaceful...
Here's a bit of peace for us all. Have a great weekend.


Mike said...

Great pictures! Especially the sunsets.

Melanie said...


Rea said...

Thank you for the Hawaii pictures!

Jamie Reisinger said...

Niki!!!! You won't believe this but I was just looking for something in my closet and came across a stack of cards I had saved (I have them in various locations around my room) that I hadn't looked through in YEARS! One of the special cards I opened up was from you when I left PF to start training at The MAC and on the card you listed your blog site so I decided to check it out and see if it was still active and here I am! Lucky you! got to go to Hawaii!!! I am so jealous! But I am sorry to hear about you losing your job, I actually am 99% sure that I saw you walking out of the science center earlier this summer as I drove by. Anyhow, sorry for the extra long post on here, I couldn't figure out a better way to leave you a message so PLEASE email me sometime so we can catch up a bit more! is the best way to reach me and I also have a blogspot site that I don't update as often as I'd like but feel free to check it out!
So glad I found that card and this site, look forward to reconnecting with you!
<3 Jamie