Saturday, September 21, 2013

Randomeo, Randomeo, where for art thou, Randomeo?

So how about we start off by doing the Friday Randomness post on Saturday?
How's that for random for ya?
As you probably saw, yesterday was an Etsy day so randomeyness was pushed to today.

You think you are a football fan?
I mean, really a football fan?
Do you have a tailgating RV?
Oh really?
Well, does tour tailgating RV have goal posts on it?
Because that is a serious football fan.
(seen driving through Halethorpe)

I love New Toothbrush Day!
You know, the day every quarter when you toss the old toothbrush and open a brand new one.
It was New Toothbrush Day this week and I realized that I was in a spectacularly good mood all morning simply because i'd brushed with a new toothbrush.
It didn't hurt that the new one is purple.

I'm in the library doing some research, have out my brand new Hello Kitty notebook and can't find a pen.
Where is the pen?
[rooting around in my purse] I know that I threw a pen in my purse a few days ago.
Honestly why are all of the pens always disappearing? I couldn't find one in my dining room this morning either.
All a girl needs is a fricking pen. Come on, people!
Frustrated I pull every single thing out of the middle pocket of my purse.

Well then.

It has gotten cold enough at night that I put a light blanket on my bed about 2 weeks ago and just last night it was cold enough that I got up in the middle of the night to grab MY blanket - my wonderful fuzzy brown blanket that I sleep with about 8-9 months out of the year.  I haven't seen it since I washed it and put it away for summer.  Hello my dear friend.
It is now officially Autumn in the Nikiverse. I bet it will only be a few more weeks before the electric mattress pad makes its first appearance.

not this one; this one is just a preview

Last week I saw the most awesome day moon:
it was waxing gibbous and surrounded by streaky clouds.
 Having learned my lesson about missed photo opportunities, I pulled over to the side of the highway and got some shots. 
One of them looks so cool that I think I am going to print it on watercolor paper as a base for a new painting/collage.

Speaking of pictures I did an etsy shoot this week and going through the almost 300 pictures that I had taken, I found this gem.
Honestly, what was I thinking?
Could I be further off the mark and still have the earrings in frame?
What am I even aiming at - my shadow?
This is one reason it takes 300 shots to get 75 great pictures.

I am doing a craft festival every weekend in October;
stay tuned for dates and places.

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Rea said...

Honestly, I used my AC in order to snuggle into my blanket! Love the pics. And you'll do awesome at the shows.