Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ummmmm... Go Ravens?

It was a wonderful studio weekend.
The weather was hot, but oddly un-humid so all the windows were thrown open.
Cards were made, jewelry was designed, pieces were inventoried and, of course, glitter was packaged.
Generally the process of getting my glittery present under control is going well, but there have been a few snafus, like the bag of extra chunky that ripped and sent a shower of teal all over the table and the bag of standard grade that i stepped on causing an eruption of green up my legs.
But the biggest problem so far has been the fine grade purple. A lovely color to be sure, but i didn't realize there was a crack in the container when i started to portion it out into crack bags.
A big crack.
A BIG crack.
Given the lovely weather i was working on the porch.
Good news: i was outside, so i didn't have to clean up the studio.
Bad news: i was outside, so this:
Well. That's... festive...
 I apologize in advance to everyone in the Greater Baltimore-Washington Metroplex who will most certainly find a speck of purple glitter in their water in about 5 years.

On the bright side,
at least it's purple, right?

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