Thursday, November 27, 2014

Throwback Thanksgiving

Look at that black and white suit dress.
mmmmm... 1989
For my whole life, Thanksgiving was at my Grandma Hord's in  Ohio. 
It was always my favorite time of the year: food, family and guaranteed BFF time. 
Rea and I could tell you at any time of the year how many days there were until Thanksgiving; it was OUR holiday.
Going to college in Florida meant that i would miss it for the first time. 
I couldn't even imagine what Thanksgiving could be without all of my traditions.
Luckily, my other grandparents were at their winter place just a little over an hour away.
My Grandma Craig knew i was having a tough time and gave me the cutest Thanksgiving pin: a cartoon turkey and monk advises us to Count Your Blessings. 
It made me smile and somehow everything was okay.
I have worn it every Thanksgiving since then, putting it on today for the 25th time.  


Melanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful to have you as a friend!

Samantha said...

Beautiful picture! I agree that Thanksgiving is the best holiday.

Rea said...

Love the picture! It is OUR holiday!