Monday, April 6, 2015

i would like my reward now, please

This may be the truest thing i have ever seen on the Internet.
found at; no idea where it originated
I love lip balm.
Every kind of lip balm.
In my possession right now i have (and this is off of the top of my head): Carmex regular, squeezy Carmex, squeezy Blistex, Chapstick, Burt's Bees with tint, Nivea, Mellaluca, Mary Kay, Walgreen's brand and some generic thing from my car dealer.
They are in my room, the living room, the kitchen, my travel bag, my purse, my glove compartment and my pocket. Honestly, you should just never be too far from lip balm of some sort.
Plus, as the picture says - they just disappear.
I use lip balm every day and don't remember even once using an entire tube.
Duh duh duhhhhhhh:
Yes my friends, that is a completely used-up tube of lip balm.
I realize how crazy this is, but i was insanely proud of myself for actually using a full tube without losing it.

Side note:
Years ago, when i first started at my old job, i was partnered with Brian; that is, on the road with him every single day.
And every day when i put on lip balm i would ask him, Want some lip balm?
Why would i want to blow up my lips? he would reply, every day.
After five years, i still laughed ever single time.
In fact, i might have giggled just typing that.


Samantha said...

Reading this made me realize my lip bomb is at home :(

How will I make it through the day?

Anonymous said...

I loves me my lip "bomb," too! I've got one from the National Security Agency, believe that? I think it's more a case of "they'll put a logo on anything" than it is about nationally securing your lips. Har! Current fav is Chapstick Apple. I layer it with M&M Chocolate. Yum.