Monday, March 21, 2016

what do we see?

      Last week was the one year anniversary of the final time i saw my daddy.
   We spoke over the next ten weeks before he passed, of course, but there is something different about actually seeing someone while you talk to them. Expressions and  body language enhance the meaning behind the words while location and appearance makes the memory of the discussion crisper. At least it does for me.
                 I miss my dad.
   But losing him has made me reevaluate all of my relationships and rethink how i experience life and turn those experiences into memories.

Much of the last year was spent in a blur, sleeping even when i was awake.
   But it feels like it might be time to try to open those eyes back up.
taken from an art-soul class collage

 Aqua Velva eyes.
Clear, bright, knowing. Not lately
Wake up! Time to SEE.

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Suzanne said...

Hugs, Friend. We will always be our daddy's' girls. That never changes even though life continues on.