Wednesday, April 6, 2016

often things are done a certain way for a reason

    One morning while visiting my mom i found all of the ingredients for making blueberry pancakes waiting for my on the kitchen counter.
My brother makes the BEST pancakes ever, but mine are certainly fine for home consumption so i got to it.

Then it happened - i had an IDEA.
Oh, how many misadventures here in the Nikiverse start with me suddenly having an idea?

It really annoys me that blueberry pancakes only have blueberries every here and there because they are added after the batter is poured.
    You get bites with a lot of berry and bites with no berry.
It tweaks at my love for food homogeny.
What if i added some of them during mixing so that they would break apart, scattering blueberry bitletts throughout the batter?
Then i could still place extra berries where needed as they cooked.
Double the berry goodnes!
It is so obvious, so easy.
Why has no one done it like this before?

sigh... this is why.

Too much berry caused the top cakes to cook unevenly and be, well, you can see for yourself.

I added more batter and placed the berries as is common and got the delicious bottom cakes.

sigh... foiled again by dratted reality

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