101 Goals in 1001 Days


Here are the rules:
Each task must be specific, with clearly defined or measurable results.
Tasks must also be realistic — something I believe I can accomplish within 1001 days — and stretching; I can’t add things I already do or which don’t require any effort.

Why 1001 days?
“The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days is a better period of time…because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks.”

1001 Days =143 Weeks =33 Months =2 3/4 Years

Niki's 101 Goals in 1001 Days
January 1, 2015 to September 27, 2017

1.     Finish 2004 mini scrapbook                          (31/366)
2.     Have classes in my studio                                 (1/10)
3.     NikCo products in 5 stores                            (1/5)
4.     One hundred total Etsy sales                   (54/100)
5.     Pre-illness weight-lifting [biceps, triceps, overhead press, fly, sidefly, pecs, lats, abducs, adducs, quads, hammies, leg press, sled, torso]         (0/14)
6.     Pre-illness weight                                          (-23/63)
7.     Entertain in my home regularly                     (9/35)
8.     Rebuild expedit and organize media               (0/2)
9.     Redo bedroom                                  
10.   Financial stability                           
11.   Read new books weekly                                (71/143)
12.   Hot air balloon festival                    
13.   Tulip shoot at Sherwood Gardens   
14.     New national park stamps                           (0/6)
15. Collect a new state                                       (1/1)   DONE
16.     Send 563 pieces of correspondence        (407/563)
17.     Pictures caught up and organized   
18.     Memorabilia organized                    
19.     Usable craft storage in sunroom      
20.     Volunteer 250 hours                                   (8/250)
21.     Stampin’ Up! artistic team              NO LONGER WANT
22.     Consistent weekly blogging                         (80/429)
23.     1001 FB likes for NikCo                        (624/1001)
24.     See live bands                                            (4/16)
25.     See my brother at least three times               (1/3)
26.     Closet cull/donation twice a year                (8/6)       DONE
27.     Listen to new CDs weekly                            (63/143)
28.     Attend theater or performances                  (2/16)
29.     Be published in Somerset Studios 
30.     Sell my artwork                               
31.     Redecorate the kitchen                    
32.     Write 35 Episodes                                    (0/35)
33.     Finish Newberry Award Winners                 (69/96)
34.     Create hoop sculpture                     
35.     Finish my Brave Girl Club classes              (0/3)
36.     Use my passport                              
37.     Work in glass                                  
38.     Visit new museums                                   (3/16)
39.     Organize, catalog, cull and/or display my childhood collections [thimbles, unicorns, stuffed animals]        (0/12)
40.     Create altered clothing                              (0/18)
41.     NikCo netting a profit                      Done-ish
42.     Create wind chimes                         
43.     Glass class at Wheaton Village                 Done at McFadden Studio      
44.     Try new ethnic/regional cuisines               (1/3)
45.     Go to fun festivals                                     (0/6)
46.     Operation Beautiful notes                          (171/1001)
47.     Celebrate off-beat holidays                        (0/15)
48.     Catch up correspondence catalog    
49.     Papercraft class portfolio                 
50.     Walk consistently[90 minutes weekly]     (280/12,870)
51.     Try new vegetables/fruits                          (2/5)
52.     Introduce gift line to NikCo                       DONE
53.     NikCo at festivals/shows                           (20/30)
54.     New Year’s Cards every year                      (3/3)      DONE
55.     W.E.B. grant for Nikco                         researched; no longer offered  
56.     Try new crockpot recipes                            (8/30)
57.     Maintain manicure 95% of days                (823/951)
58.     NikCo Home Parties                        
59.     Try Bikram Yoga                             
60.     B/W Metroplex  list                                  (3/50)
61.     Find ten giant objects                               (10/10)   DONE
62.     Try three new hair colors                          (3/3)        DONE
63.     Use neglected kitchen gadgets                   (4/6)
64.     Donate blood regularly                              (0/16)
65.     Prepare and eat cauliflower at home            DONE
66.     Write my will                                   
67.     Fill my sketchbook                                   27/30
68.     Go letterboxing                                
69.     Participate in ten Blog Hops                      (4/10)
70.     Scrap weekend with Rea                       DONE (TWICE!)
71.     Organize recipes                                      DONE
72.     One recipe used or cull cookbooks             DONE
73.     Host an old school Niki Party          
74.     Make 1001 cards                                (756/1001)
75.     One hundred anonymous RAKs                 (109/100)    DONE
76.     Regular Etsy or online store updates             (4/25)
77.     Blog caught up                                
78.     Create/utilize NikCo e-mailing list             (0/2)
79.     No/low Carb Months twice a year              (0/6)
80.     Pillowcases from ripped sheets                   DONE       
81.     Host progressive dinner                   
82.     Try new exotic meats                                (1/3)
83.     Cards to shut-ins                                     (3/100)
84.     Finish photo gallery                                  (1/2)
85.     Diploma and degree framed/hung             (0/4)
86.     High school shadowbox finished     
87.     Visit out-of-state friends                           (3/5)
88.     Learn proper eyeliner application    
89.     Be a guest blogger                           
90.     Every current birthday in the book               (45/70)
91.     Sort and reorganize cedar chest      
92.     Extras gone [tv, stand, chest, stereo, bike]        (4/5)
93.     Convert vinyl to digital                    
94.     Earn 2000 gold stars                       (300/2000) program discontinued
95.     Walk the labyrinth regularly                      (6/100)
96.     Reset bar/buffet/china cabinet                 (1/6)
97.     Meditation [90 minutes weekly]              (600/12,870)
98.     Learn Pinterest project posting        
99.     Deal with Christmas boxes                       (3/9)
100. Redesign NikCo Festival booth                  DONE
101. Utilize/cull sea glass              

Niki's 101 Goals in 1001 Days by Category
Work - (W) ***17 goals***
Have classes in my studio                           
NikCo products in 5 stores                         
One hundred total Etsy sales                     
1001 FB likes for NikCo                            
Sell my artwork
NikCo netting a profit
Papercraft class portfolio
Introduce gift line to NikCo
Work 30 festivals/shows                          
W.E.B. grant for Nikco
NikCo Home Parties
Write my will
Make 1001 cards                                    
Regular Etsy or online store updates           
Create/utilize NikCo e-mailing list              
Learn Pinterest project posting
Redesign NikCo Festival booth

Home – (H) ***17 goals***
Sort and reorganize cedar chest
Extras gone [tv, stereo, stand, chest, bike]          
Convert vinyl to digital
Finish photo gallery
Diploma and degree framed/hung              
Rebuild expedit and organize media           
Redo bedroom
Closet cull/donation twice a year               
Redecorate the kitchen
Usable craft storage in sunroom
Organize, catalog, cull and/or display my childhood collections [thimbles, unicorns, plush]
Use neglected kitchen gadgets                   
Pillowcases from ripped sheets
Reset bar/buffet/china cabinet                 
Deal with Christmas boxes                          
Utilize/cull sea glass
High school shadowbox finished

Creative – (C) ***12 goals***
Finish 2004 mini scrapbook                      
Pictures caught up and organized
Memorabilia organized
Stampin’ Up! artistic team
Get published in Somerset Studios
Write 35 Episodes                                      
Create hoop sculpture
Work in glass
Create altered clothing                                 
Create wind chimes
Glass class at Wheaton Village McFadden Studio
Fill my sketchbook

Fun – (F) ***12 goals***
Hot air balloon festival
Tulip shoot at Sherwood Garden
New national park stamps                           
Collect a new state                                     
Use my passport
Celebrate off-beat holidays                         
B/W Metroplex  list                                   
Find ten giant objects                               
Go letterboxing
Go to fun festivals                                   
Scrap weekend with Rea                          
Host an old school Niki Party

Relationships – (R) ***8 goals***
Entertain in my home regularly                  
Send 563 pieces of correspondence             
See my brother at least three times               
Catch up correspondence catalog
New Year’s Cards every year                        
Every current birthday in the book
Visit out-of-state friends                              
Host progressive dinner

Self – (S) ***12 goals***
Pre-illness weight-lifting [biceps, triceps, overhead press, fly, sidefly, pecs, lats, abducs, adducs, quads, hammies, leg press, sled, torso]                           
Pre-illness weight                                                  
Financial stability
Finish my Brave Girl Club classes               
Walk consistently [90 minutes weekly]     
Maintain manicure 95% of days                  
Try three new hair colors                            
Try Bikram Yoga
Earn 2000 gold stars                                   
Walk the labyrinth regularly                       
Meditation [90 minutes weekly]         
Learn proper eyeliner application

Culture/learning – (L) ***6 goals***
Visit new museums                                    
Finish Newberry Award Winners                 
See live bands                                             
Listen to new CDs weekly                           
Attend theater or performances                  
Read new books weekly                             

Blog – (B) ***4 goals***
Participate in ten Blog Hops                        
Be a guest blogger
Consistent weekly blogging                         
Blog caught up

Service – (P) ***5 goals***
Volunteer 250 hours                                  
1001 Operation Beautiful notes                  
Donate blood regularly                              
One hundred anonymous RAKs                
Cards to shut-ins                                    

Food/eating – (E) ***8 goals***
Try new ethnic/regional cuisines               
Try new vegetables/fruits                         
Try new crockpot recipes                         
Prepare and eat cauliflower at home  
Organize recipes
One recipe used or cull cookbooks           
No/low Carb Months twice a year             
Try new exotic meats                               


Kaaren said...

Go letterboxing. Next time you're in town, we should go do this. We have the stamps, log books, and even trail names. :)

Sabrina Parrish said...

Awesome list! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, okay, that's ambitious and I'm impressed. But what do the letters mean?

Sea glass? You have sea glass you want to cull?


Megan Gerrity said...

Which hot air balloon festival are you thinking? Is there still one at Oregon Ridge? I have to add that to my list.

Niki said...

Wait... there is hot air balloon festival at Oregon Ridge?
I knew there was normally something around Preakness...
When i find out about it Megan i will let you know.