Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grilled sweet potatoes

Continuing to try new things I wanted to find a different way to cook sweet potatoes.
I'm not sure what put the bug in my brain, but i really wanted to grill them.
Of course, i don't own a grill.
Wait... i do have a George Forman grill, mayhaps that would work.
I halved and thick-sliced my sweet tater and microwaved it for about four minutes to jump start the cooking.
Onto the heated grill they went with cooking spray, kosher salt and cracked paper. They seemed tender after four minutes; that is one thing i do love about my George Forman - the cook time is so short.
To serve my grilled sweet potatoes i mixed up some Jump Up and Kiss Me Passion Fruit hot sauce with softened cream cheese.
DELISH! Give it a try.

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