Tuesday, September 4, 2012

panic followed by cuteness

This is NOT how you want to start your morning.

[interior Niki's bedroom, snoring is heard from under purple floral sheets]
Niki sits up alarmed, reaches for cell phone, flips it open and reads:
Jason: Where are you?
Niki glances at clock groggily - 6:09am (set 8 minutes fast)- and types:
Niki: Its only 6
Jason: No. It is 7.
Niki looks at the clock. Looks at the phone. Looks at the clock. Looks at the phone. Looks at the clock. Looks at the clock ON the phone - 7:04am.
Realization quickly followed by naked alarm crosses Niki's face; she was supposed to be at Jason and Kate's house at 6:40 cause the normal sitter is on a weird rotation at nursing school and can't take Dash to preschool on Tuesdays.


And welcome to Tuesday, people. There was an electricity bobble on Friday and i must have set my clock wrong. When i was on a normal schedule i used clock as the primary alarm and set my cell phone as an emergency backup. I didn't even think of it last night since i haven't even been needing the alarm.
 I got to JP's house at 7:14; thank goodness for only living one point zero miles away. He was already in the driveway waiting. After some car seat lessons he was off to battle Beltway traffic and sleepy college students.
There was enough time to go inside, brush my hair and do the toothpaste-on-my-finger-its-better-than-nothing trick before it was time to wake up Dash. It felt weird intentionally waking up a little kid that i'm used to trying to get to sleep. He was not at all interested in getting up, but took it like a champ with no crying.
The rest of the morning -dressing, cartoons, breakfast- went by without incident, probably because both of us were not-so-secretly wishing we were still asleep.
The abrupt wake-up and adrenaline panic was worth it though because when i picked up his glittery Cars backpack he turned right around and stuck out his wee arms for me to put it on him:

I bet i could fit him inside that bag.
Honestly, the adorable factor wiped away the last bit of unsettled.

Don't fret, Aunt Niki.
It's time for learning fun, with
my ginormous bag. 

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Anonymous said...

nothin like a good character to get a little guy on the go!
Good Job! gosh he's cute!