Saturday, September 8, 2012

the thwart-hog also rises


It felt like everything was going too well.
It felt like things were progressing just a bit too smoothly.
But i wasn't worried; in fact, i figured the thwart-hog had been chased away by the actual calamity that was this summer, that he was giving me some space to get The Plan on track.
Overly optimistic?
Just plain dumb?

For perhaps the first time in history i was not only on target, on schedule and not procrastinating, i was ahead of schedule in preparation for the Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival tomorrow. My BFF was calling every 6-12 hours for us to set another production goal (and i earned cool stuff like homemade jelly and cookies if i accomplished them; isn't she cool?), displays were being built and painted, i was even getting sleep, people.

And somewhere the thwart-hog was watching, waiting and laughing.

It was time to take a little break, get some dinner and go to Michael's. Normally i buy findings and wires in bulk on-line, but production has been so high, so on target this week that i ran out.
In the shopping center parking lot my car had some sort of electrical breakdown and i had to get AAA to tow it to the dealership, which was closed since it was a Friday night.
So the day before the Festival, I have no car.

I'm sure that i can find a way around the half built displays that need hinges from the hardware store, the necklaces that are waiting for findings cause i never got to the Michael's, the complete lack of caffeine in my house right now, the display pieces that i just realized are in my car at the dealership along with my  travel chairs, the repair bill that i don't know how i'm going to pay and the super grumpy attitude that i am currently wearing.
I'm sure that it is all gonna be just fine in the end; mayhaps not as super-sparkly, ultra-fantastic as i planned, but certainly not an abysmal tragedy.
But that doesn't change the fact that I want to hunt down that dagnabbed thwart-hog and run him over with my car.
...oh wait

Anyhoo, i figured a cathartic little post would be a good way to purge my bile and get back on track; plus, i know that someday this will just be a funny story - like the time i had to finish the display cards for the art exhibition by lantern light - so it needed to be recorded in this here digital scrapbook of the insanity that is my life.
I'm off to do... something... maybe take a bubble bath with aroma candles and soothing Native American flute sonatas.

If you're in town, come see me tomorrow at the Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival.
My tent will be in front of Objects Found and it should be a hoot to see what i manage to cobble together for displays.


Kaaren said...

Hug right back atacha.

Rea said...

I think I just found a great recipe for "thwart-hog" soup! I read on google that it is good with grape jelly!

Anonymous said...

I know you pulled it together in an awesome way, even if not as you intended! Love you!


Karla said...

Niki, I'v found you again yeah!!!!!
I love some of the jewelry pictures and can't wait until you are able to sell online. I have GIRLS to buy for, Christmas is you, your sister Karla