Thursday, December 6, 2012

super quick check-in

- Hello, i'm still alive.
- I did end up buying shelves.
- Love how my earring cards came out.
- Love how my Quirkees tree looks.
- Less thrilled by the overall display.
- Forgot my camera so don't have pictures to share.
- Gotta finish one more display tomorrow morning in the booth.
- Will be at the Antique Depot tomorrow after 8pm(ish) for the Ellicott City Midnight Madness celebration; come see me in booth 110.
- Holiday Bazaar at Relay Town Hall Saturday from 9am to 3pm.
- hmmmmm... just hung most of my stock at the Depot; mayhaps i should make some more by Saturday.
- If i hear Feliz Navidad on the radio one more time i might be moved to violence.

No time for haikus;
I hafta ...

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