Monday, December 3, 2012

trashy turkey display

No, it didn't come out trashy; i saved it from the trash.
I was in Objects Found when the staff realized that a piece of a wooden thanksgiving decoration was missing; my shocked exclamation [imagine a slow-mo No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o with me diving towards the counter] as they threw the remaining pieces into the trash gave poor little Maggie such a fright that she snatched them out of the can and handed them to me before i think they even had time to hit the bottom.

These foam gourds (and a random apple) have been in the ugly craft overflow dresser (the crafts aren't ugly; the dresser is) for... ummmmmm... four years maybe.
I tried all the pieces and not surprisingly they looked best with the punkin.

It took tin snips and a hard plastic mallet to get all the pieces in place, but it looked cute when everything was finally in place.

Of course, since it was missing a piece and my gourd was foam instead of, you know, gourd the turkey couldn't sit up straight.

Velcro to the rescue!

I velcroed him to a plastic lazy susan and added some foam shims to keep him balanced and negate wobble.


A piece of cotton calico nicely covered up all the nonsense once i cut and tucked it.
To help keep the earrings from slipping the back of the feathers got notches from my Dremel.
With a few silk leaves i think it made quite a presentable display (several people inquired about the price on it actually) for some Thanksgiving earrings.

The notched wood and velcroed base worked so well for my turkey that at that show in early November i did it to my small winter tree, too; now i have so many winter and Christmas earrings that at the last show i used an actual Christmas tree instead (that looked much cuter than this pic i swear; the lighting was dag-nasty in that room) and will probably use it this weekend as well.

On a semi-related note:
I wrote this specific post tonight because i had to take a break from the earring rack i am working on making for the store. You know, the one that i am constructing from a broken laundry rack, wire and binder clips; the one i am supposed to install in 37 hours.
It isn't going well.
I needed to remind myself that perseverance really can turn trash to treasure; that sometimes it just takes time to figure out how to make the idea in my head work in reality.
Though if it doesn't start coming together in the next hour i am tossing the idea and buying a shelf tomorrow... stupid reality.

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Anonymous said...

i think your tree looks great!
You are a crafty, inventive check for sure!