Wednesday, February 20, 2013

life altering news

If you've been around the Nikiverse for a while you know that i've been working on some wee issues with my endocrine system. Had a check-up today and i am happy to report that my thyroid numbers are better and my vitamin D is on the rise.
HAZZAH! Three cheers and a tiger for me!
Of course, that means that something else is hinkey -that's the fun of your endocrine system; everything is connected- and Dr Cool has told me that i have to give up artificial sweeteners.
That shouldn't be too bad; i generally use sugar or agave in my tea. I'll just have to stop the Crystal Light singles in my water bottle and... wait... wait a daggone second here...
The Nikiverse is made of love, covered in glitter, driven by hope, inhabited by sparkle ponies and fueled by Diet Coke.
You know, Diet Coke... which has aspartame... which is an artificial sweetener.
I have to give up Diet Coke.
Doctor's orders and you know that i never cross Dr Cool. She's DR COOL for goodness sakes.
Dagnabit, this is worse than when she made me stop donating platelets to the Red Cross.
This is worse than when she made me swear to get at least 5 hours of sleep at night.
No more Diet Coke.
no more...
Good bye my dear and loyal friend.
Good bye my source of life sustaining caffeine.
Good bye my 2am just-gotta-finish-these-last-fifteen-cards partner.

I will miss you.
But i kinda love life even more than i love you.
Nectar of the gods.
Bubbly, delicious goodness.
No more for Niki.


Erin said...

Oh man, I know this is HUGE for can do it!

Anonymous said...

*keels over in shock at the very concept*


Rea said...

OMG!! IKR!! OK, we can do this. By we, I certainly do NOT mean I will be stopping citrus drop...I'll give

Anonymous said...

oh rea - really? zagnuts? tsk

It'll be ok Nikki! i promise! it will be a grand adjustment for sure but i have faith in you and your great tenacity!

i'm also very very happy to see a new addition on your blog. i been missing you & rea's posts!

Keep your chin up and don't lose your smile! ~sheryl