Friday, April 19, 2013

my very own spinny rack

I used to sell my cards at Objects Found, but i pulled them all when I re-opened the Etsy store last year.
Today marked the return of NikCo to Objects Found. This time, however, instead of being on the main card rack next to the register I have a dedicated card rack across from the cash wrap.

I will be adding cards on a regular basis, including holiday specific ones.
By the end of the month I am going to be installing some of my art, jewelry and housewares in the store as well. Plus, i will be moving things into the Arbutus location of Objects Found around mid-May.

note: yes, i know that rack header is terrible, but it is temporary; i need to laminate the real one, but right now i need to go sew a fairy godmother costume cause that is the kind of week i'm having

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