Tuesday, April 2, 2013

why i don't draw

There have been several people in my studio over the last few weeks that asked me if i paint or draw.
Yes, i paint abstracts but not figures and no, no, no, i do not draw.
My mother drew really well, but i didn't get that particular talent.
There are folks who believe that if you are taught the principles of drawing (line, shape, shading, perspective, proportion, negative space, etc) and practice that you can learn to draw.
Okay, maybe some people just need some instruction and practice, but not me.
I know about the principles of drawing and goodness knows that i've tried, but something happens between my brain and my hand and the paper.
In my mind i can see what i want to draw and intellectually i know where the lines should go, but something happens when i try to put those lines on the paper.
Today i was at Jason and Kate's and had forgotten my notebook so Jason handed me a pad of paper.
Why is the circle at the top empty?
It looks like there should be a cameo there, right?

After i'd been doing some NikCo work i decided to draw in a profile cameo with side-swept bangs like mine. Honestly, i could SEE it; i knew just where all the lines needed to go.
It looks like a zombie lion with a weak chin and a pompadour.


Rea said...

It's not that I haven't read this...I am truly at a loss what to say!!

I'm glad I'm not a really small zebra?

Anonymous said...

Your description of your cameo made me laugh. Miss you around you-know-where.