Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Meet Papi

Oh how i love housesitting, especially borrowing other people's pets for a little while.
The newest addition to my temporary menagerie is a black labrador retriever named Papi.
Well, he's mostly a black lab -about 75%- with a little something mixed in there, resulting in white toes on his hind paws and a fabulous white blaze on his chest. As a puppy his tremendously large and floppy ears -which he has grown into nicely - looked like they'd flap right off of his head like a butterfly or papillion in French, hence Papi.
Here are a few of Papi's usual attitudes:

I don't know what we're doing, but you have a cookie in your hand so i will play along.

Hi there! Wanna give me a cookie?

Was that the sound of someone opening the cookie jar?

When not eating cookies,
thinking about cookies,
asking for cookies
or going outside simply to convince you to give him a cookie, Papi enjoys playing tug of war and napping in a wing back chair.

Thoroughly an indoor dog  [when i took him out for a walk in the snow he was so, so, so excited to put on the leash and ran right out of the house directly to the car, assuming we were going for a ride; he stopped at every car along the street and looked at me like, Is this the car we're going in?], he does still have some genetic memory of being a retriever.
Look what i killed  for you!

Super excited to meet new people, Papi will spend 10 minutes ripping the stuffing out of a toy and then proudly present the eviscerated remains to said new person.

Papi's daddy, who was in Florida, is an antiques dealer and it shows in the house:
the hallway is better decorated and lit than some museum, the guest room is nicer and more beautiful than most hotels, the dog eats out of cut crystal bowls, the oven is used to store fabulous copper cookware (found out after preheating it to 450 degrees) and many items, like this rug, have tags on them like you could just buy them right there and then.
The bed in the guestroom is a one-of-a-kind daybed/chaise that is beautiful and comfortable; however, fitting a full grown lab and a not-insubstantial Niki onto a twin mattress was interesting, but after some accidental clawing, cold toes and issues about who was sleeping on which side (i don't sleep well unless i am on the right) we figured out that with an extra blanket and proper preparation it was indeed possible.
Such a pretty bed.
Unique. Classy. Lovely. Small.
The dog steals covers.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry... but where's my cookie?


Suzanne Travis said...

Papi is adorable. Yes, I do wonder how you two slept in a twin bed, myself having to share a queen with my own dog, Louie (25 pounds), and two cats who sleep in cat-puddles they make in whatever space they claim as their own. It's crowded but we manage. In winter, no problem. In's HOT.