Monday, March 31, 2014

rojo zappatos

Do you have any sayings or inside jokes with your friends that have been around for so long that you don't even remember exactly how they came into being?

These are my new red shoes -
felted ballet flats with bows.
I love red shoes;
they make me really happy.

Every time i put on red shoes i exclaim Rojo Zappatos! in a rather loud manner.
Why? you ask.
Great question.

Here's what i remember:
- it was the mid/late 90's
- i was visiting Rea in Arizona
- we had gone to see a huge fountain in the middle of a pond or lake, someplace around Phoenix, i think
- there was a really ugly black duck
- we ended up at the playground, laughing hysterically, calling out  rojo zappatos while swinging

I seem to think we saw someone wearing red shoes.
How did that turn into us screaming rojo zappatos on the swings?
I have no idea anymore.

When i put on these great new shoes the other day i was upset that i couldn't remember the whole story of the rojo zappatos.
 Dang my aging brain! 
Dang getting older! 
Dang, dang, DANG!

But then i realized that the details of the story aren't nearly as important as the fact that rojo zappatos still make me smile, thinking of my BFF.
What makes you smile?

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