Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Luck, Felicia!

fTM Felicia is moving to New Mexico.
Yesterday we met at Meadows Custard in Columbia (btw, EXCELLENT custard) to hang out before she drives cross country next week. After a few hours she said that she wanted to try to find the playground of her youth in Cedar Lane Park. Neither one of us was sure exactly which entrance to the park led to the playground (as with all things in Columbia the park is as confusing as possible) or exactly where any of the entrances were, but such trivialities do not deter us.
Did we find it?
Of course.
There was a new playground there, as one would expect after 25 years and it is fantastic. We played for a while, then chilled at the picnic tables in a shady glade.  Felicia spotted a turtle statue that had been in the park when she was little. She agreed to a little photo shoot with it as this will be her last appearance on The Nikiverse for a hot minute. The last shot was my favorite; she was laughing so hard that she almost fell off and this is the moment where she recovered her balance.
Drive safe, have fun and ENJOY your new life!

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