Thursday, June 12, 2014

In Bocca Al Lupo, Carlotta!

Today is my friend Carlotta's birthday and last night a group of mutual friends gathered to celebrate her. Unfortunately (for me), it wasn't just a birthday party, but instead a farewell party. The lovely, hilarious, vivacious, curious, talented Carlotta is leaving for Europe to go on a vision quest. She might be back in the next 6 months to keep her resident alien status or she might find somewhere else where she wants to stay.
At dusk i photographed her in front of an amazing mosaic made by our hostess, Barbara. There were some nice portrait-type shots, but my favorite is one of her in mid-laugh. That is how i always think of her: laughing loudly or talking with great passion.

Safe travels my friend; seek joy.
Into the mouth of the wolf; may your wolf die. 

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