Friday, August 8, 2014

always keep a quarter handy

 Driving through the neighborhood today i saw a lemonade stand.
A full-blown, plastic tablecloth over wood and cardboard, hand drawn sign, lemonade stand.
You never see those any more.
I love lemonade stands.
I love the sincerity of a kid on the corner who believes that they can make it in this world one quarter at a time.
I love that it smacks of summer.
Rea and I once decided that we were going to make a fortune with a lemonade stand. Until, alas, we realized that we had no lemonade. But belief in an idea is hard to quell at that age so we sold grape Kool-Aid instead.
When i see a lemonade stand i have to stop. I mean, when else in your life can you make someone really happy with 25 cents?
I drove around the block, pulled up alongside the stand, hit my hazards and jumped out with that precious quarter. He smiled and said thank you; his mom smiled and waved from the porch while i sat in my car and gleefully drank what had to be the worst lemonade ever made.
Best 25 cents i spent all week.

1 comment:

Rea said...

Yummm....warm lemonade!

Much better than weak grape kool-ade!