Monday, August 18, 2014

there is hope and then there is folly

This tree "lives" in the sunroom at a house i often sit:

Really, homeowners?

Even I would have to admit that this plant is beyond saving and i keep flowers until every single petal and leaf has fallen off.
You are friendly, intelligent and have great taste in nannies.
Let the tree go.
 Let it go towards the light.
That tree is nothing but sad and painful to look at, which is a problem given that it right next to the tv the gets streaming Netflix.
It's okay.
I'll get you a new tree.
A tree with branches and the ability to photosynthesize.

Sad stick in a pot.
Bare, save a green cone cap.
Mayhaps you'll rebound.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "tree" holds some sort of sentimental value of which you are unaware, no?


Niki said...

Diane- I certainly hope there is a reason this poor thing continues to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there's really no accounting for sentimentalism, and that might be the only reason yer ever gonna git. But even a sentimental reason, I'd be curious to know it.