Monday, January 12, 2015

driving into the past

We can all agree, i would think, that falling gas prices bring smiles to our collective faces.
Before leaving for Ohio on Christmas Eve i filled up at my local station and was pleased as punch to pay $2.64; i mean, it is not only below $3, but almost half-way to $2.
Prices were consistent through Maryland and West Virginia with a small increase (5-10 cents) in Pennsylvania, which is normal.
Then i crossed the Ohio River and gas was suddenly $2.09.
When was the last time that was the price of gas - 2002?
How in the world did the price drop 60 cents in 60 miles?
Then i got into central Ohio and my mom's local station was $1.98.
What...? How...? Where...?
Isn't that what i paid in the early 90's?
The gas prices between home and mom's are normally within 20 cents of each other.
Is there some sort of time vortex in Ohio?
So all week i tried to drive  down my tank as low as possible to fill up the maximum amount at this below $2 price.
My sister Kris and I were out shopping and she told me that the lowest price was on Rt 13 in Utica, which conveniently enough i pass on the way to the highway.
Which is how in the first week of January 2015 i paid the same amount for gas as i did in 1995.


Anonymous said...

I think it may have to do with gas tax. Gas tax in New York state, for example, is way higher than in Maryland, so when I visit Buffalo, I always know I'm going to pay more for the stuff there than I do at home.

Still, $1.98 is quite something. Oh, but yes, Ohio is in a time vortex.

Rea said...

There is a positive vote for Ohio