Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the difference a zero makes

Oh zero, you rapscallion, you changer of value, you metaphysical quandary.
You are so tiny, yet so mighty.
Years ago, Rob read a book to me about the history of zero, which is complicated and fascinating.
I was reminded of the complex power of that tiny circle this morning when i was updating my 101 progress. 
Goal #94 said Earn 200 gold stars.
Hmm-mm... thought I. That seems awfully easy; wasn't that supposed to be 2000 gold stars?
Yes, yes it was.
I am not sure how that transcription error happened, but i think it is hilarious that it took me almost a month to catch it.  


Rea said...

Mayhap it was your lousy typist :)

Niki said...

i am pretty sure it wasn't my brilliant, fantastic, wonderful, thoughtful, helpful typist