Wednesday, March 4, 2015

rice dancing on the lint trap

No, my friends, i don't know what that post title means either.
That is the phrase that was in my head when the alarm pulled me from my nap yesterday.
Actually, i think it was misheard song lyrics as i sometimes dream in musicals.
Either way, it is a little glimpse into what it is like to live in my head.

The last week has been really weird, even by Nikiverse standards.
Nothing bad, just weird.
Wait... typing that sentence gives me pause.
There were things happening in the last week that any normal person would consider bad, like sliding into an ice bank while wearing a skirt right before a business meeting or getting towed by a predatory company to the tune of $250.
But in the Nikiverse i consider those things to just be the way of the world.
When i thought nothing bad just now i was thinking no one died.
People use that phrase all the time, but it is the actual measure of good vs bad in my head.
I wonder if that is a good thing because it means i am able to rebound from things quickly or a bad thing because it means my world is even more skewed than i realize.

Speaking of skewed, i clearly remember learning the word askew in fifth grade. We were reading Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time where it was used to describe Mrs. Whatsit.
Every time i use any variation of that word, that book flashes quickly through my brain.

I cut things, it's what i do.
My friend Cricket once described scrapbooking as cutting big pieces of paper into smaller pieces of paper to make into big pieces of paper, which is pretty accurate.
Card making is much the same.
I have straight edge scissors all over the house, in my car, in my various toolboxes so it was causing me much consternation that i couldn't find my favorite purple scissors and it seemed like i kept picking up pairs that weren't cutting well.
Girl needs to cut stuff, people!
Even i was surprised how many scissors there were,
especially since not pictured are my fabric shears,
jewelry scissors and decorative edgers.

So i gathered together all the straight edge scissors i could find, de-gunked them all and then sharpened each edge by hand with a whet stone.
By jiminy, they will all cut whatever needs cutting now.
Unfortunately, still no sign of my favorite purple scissors.
Ah, well.

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