Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WWoB goes to school

Hitting that snooze button a second time seemed like the right choice at 7 am.
To shower faster i skipped the conditioner on my hair, threw on workout pants and a sweater and was out the door at 7:28 to be at JP's at 7:30 to wake up Dash at 7:40.
ummmmmm... are you wondering how i parked in front of that tree?
I didn't.
And that is not a tree.
It is a ginourmo tree limb laying ON my car.
Good news - only a few scratches that will easily wash or buff off.
Bad news - i had to lift that grody, soaking wet, very heavy dead thing off of my car and then move it into the front yard, around another tree so that i could pull my car out resulting in me being covered in mud.
By the time i got to JP's it was already time to get up the boy.
Got all of the morning routine done and left his house on time, but never got around to putting up my hair.
And that is why the Wild Woman of Borneo walked into the Otter's classroom this morning with muddy clothes, destroyed nails and half-wet, half-dry, frizzy, almost but not quite curly hair.
One can assume it was a sight.

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Kaaren said...

Wowza! Glad the car's ok.