Tuesday, August 30, 2016

farewell Lydia; be sure to wear your seatbelt

Today was my last adventure with Lydia before she moseys south to join her sibs in Georgia and we had to do it up BIG style.
Big Crash Test Dummy style, that is.
Searching for giant objects to collect for my 101 (4 down, 6 to go - 394 days to finish) I saw a post about a giant crash test dummy in Maryland.
In Glen Burnie.
At the main MVA.
Like, less than 20 minutes away.
How is that even possible? 
   I was sure i had every cool/strange/odd thing of a gigantic nature in the metro area.
Turns out "Lamont" was installed in 2012
 to remind drivers to wear their seatbelts,
which is the same year i stopped traveling for work.

And i, like all rational individuals,
avoid the main MVA like the plague.

No wonder i missed it.
wee little Lyds - he's 5 times normal sized

But by jiminy, i was determined that Lydia was not going to miss it before she traded steamed crabs for peaches.
So we parked in the sketchiest, vaguely abandoned parking lot we could find by MVA and walked over to meet him.

Here we are in front of two large signs about the history of the seatbelt. 
No, really. 
A comprehensive history of seatbelts. 
On well-written, actually interesting plaques.
You kinda have to see it to believe it.

Good luck, friend and remember to always buckle up and avoid the peltzman effect
Lamont would want it that way.


Rea said...

Wow!! That is fun...yet vaguely disturbing!

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