Wednesday, August 17, 2016

was that 6 or 7 or 6?

Yesterday while i was waiting for the optometrist my eyes were dilated to aye-aye level so i had to keep them closed to prevent the fluorescent light from piercing my brain.
credit: Philadelphia zoo
Sitting in a room full of people with my eyes closed naturally makes me think of meditation,
which made me think of missing my meditation group,
which made me think of the blog post earlier this week,

which made me think of the original picture i 
used of day lilies that Cassie and Mike brought me after my dad died,

which made me think of my dad,
which made me sad for a moment, but then concerned because dad had an issue with his eyes that i was being tested for that very day,
which made me nervous,
which circled me back around to meditation,
which made me consider my meditation haiku,
which gave me pause, did the mid line actually have 7 syllables or only 6?
Yep, that haiku is syllable deficient. 
How in the world did that happen?
Haikus are not rocket science, people. There are only 17 syllables total. That is the whole point.
I think it was because i was toying with both meditate and meditation during the writing process. 
I also realized that i spelled meditate wrong. sheesh.
double bah
So here is the revised edition. 

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