Friday, April 7, 2017

former Friday Adventures with Lydia

Happy Birthday to Lydia!
Though she has moved away to have Friday Adventures with her family in Georgia, i still smile when i recall all the crazy food we ate and the odd places we ended up exploring. {is that street closed? wait, is that street missing?}
Here are a few snippets from the immense blog backlog (to be completely caught up by September 2022):
Black Kettle Dining, located on Frederick Rd in Catonsville, is a lovely bistro specializing in soups and small plates developed around "the color wheel of nutrition."
Lydia and I both ordered the lunch soup, salad, sandwich combo, which came with a "booster shot" of nutrition, AKA, a shot glass of frothy green stuff that promised to be really good for us.
Bottoms up!

Not surprisingly, the soups were excellent. 
We both also enjoyed our salads and Lydia's chicken and avacado sammie looked quite good.  
And then there were the desserts. Oh, the desserts. So good. The lemony thing in the middle was fantastic. I seem to recall it was lemon ice swirled with lemon curd: cold and delicious.

McFadden Art Glass hosts an event called Date Night on Fridays (obviously you don't have to BE on a date to go) where you can watch glassblowing and make your own glass piece. It is free to watch and you can pick a piece to make in your price range.

Lydia had done a larger piece before and chose to make a fantastic pendant.

This was my first time and i was in a tizzy about what to try. 
One one hand, taking a class at Wheaton Village was on the 101 and that class was making a paperweight.
But at McFadden you can actually do pieces that are blown - you really get to do actually glassblowing.
And there was a great starfish and i am a sucker for a great starfish, which ended up being the winner.

Not only is there a studio, the is also an on-site gallery and store.
I love, love, love colored glass and had a wonderful time.
Plus, now i own a glass starfish that i can say i made myself.
And i am counting it for the 101!
that's the bathroom sink. i NEED it in my house.

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