Monday, January 21, 2008

Objects Found

My local antique/collectible/junk shop - Objects Found - is moving. This place had a bit of everything if you were willing to search for it. I have consigned several things there and like the staff. It is really sad that the location where they have been for 8 years is closing, but the new store is walking distance from my house. Yesterday i spent several hours helping the owner sort and pack stuff. It is amazing to see how much STUFF can fit into a small space. I thought i had a lot of stuff until i started packing this place. There were piles for the dump, piles for a yard sale, piles for storage and piles to go to the new location. Reggie has been working on the move for weeks and she is obviously ready for it to be done. There were great deals to be found. I got an entire set of pink dogwood china (including meat platter, serving bowl, sugar bowl and creamer) for $1. Yes, i did say $1. Also, she let me pick through the pile for the dump. I love antique store trash; it is always stuff just screaming to be remade into something else. Goodbye to the old store; i'll miss you.

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Kaaren said...

Wow, now THAT'S a bargain!