Saturday, January 5, 2008


I love New Year's. I am pretty introspective most of the time so i completely embrace a holiday that contains as part of the celebration a tradition of self evaluation. Hopefully we all set goals and self-adjust consistently, but I am all about New Year's resolutions. It's a chance to publicly declare ways in which we intend to make ourselves better. In the past I've e-mailed my resolutions to people, but now i have this handy dandy blog. First, let's see how i did with last year's resolutions: 1. Reconnect with friends and family – CHECK (i love you blog) 2. Volunteer more – CHECK 3. Make flossing a habit – umm... (it is still the first part of the night time ritual to be cut if i'm sleepy) 4. Visit at least one new state – CHECK (MO and AR) 5. Give blood (you wuss) – CHECK (twice in fact) Four of five: not bad, i guess. So here are this year's. Niki's Resolutions for 2008 1. Make better language choices 2. Give thanks more often 3. Finish unpacking moving boxes 4. Put my work up for sale We'll see how it goes over the next 12 months. Anybody want to share your resolutions? I hope everyone had a nice New Year's and has a fabulous 2008.


Kaaren said...

Better language choices - 'splain, please.

Niki said...

I want to be a little more concise and I want to curse less.

Rea said...

1. To set realistic expectations....opps already broke that with #1!!