Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have been trying to get things done around the apartment. After 20 months it has finally hit me that i really LIVE here; i'm not going anywhere. So last weekend I finally decided how to store my pins. You know that i collect jewelry, and that i especially love vintage pins. I wanted to be able to see them all, but have it be convenient and attractive. I've been toying with hanging them on the back of my closet door, but was unhappy with my previous option of putting them on ribbons. I found a piece of pink burlap (burlap comes in COLORS?) that i must have bought years ago. (i BOUGHT burlap?!?) It seemed like a good color to highlight the pins without overwhelming the room and a good texture from which to hang the pins, so i washed, dried and ironed it. (ironing is from the devil) Then it was time to cut it to the right size. Have you ever cut burlap? It is nearly impossible to get it even cause the edges unravel. A long, long time later it was right; i hemmed the top and sewed in a dowel that had already been cut, sanded and painted. Then i had to hang the pins (grouped loosely by type and distributed for even weight, of course) Voila - the pins are done and i'm pretty happy with it.


Christina said...

I have that same fish pin, from the picture on the right. It's by Oscar, who sells his wares in the French Market in New Orleans; I buy one of his pins (at least) every time we go. I was relieved to see he was still there, after Katrina.

Niki said...

I have the best picture of you and Oscar together the year that i went to NOWFF. Glad to hear he's still there.

Kaaren said...