Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh so random

Francie has declared that it is to be Random List Month. She has already composed a list of random lists she might (but probably won't) write during this month. I am personally looking forward to "creative things to do with overripe bananas." In the spirit of the thing i offer a response to her final suggestion "the middle names of my five closest friends" though i could never pick 5, so here you go: Middle Names of 15 People I Dearly Love (in no particular order) Marie, Collette, Matthew, Michael, Duaine, Wright, David, Linn, Lynn, Rachel, Bryan, Marvin, Kenneth, Hillel, Ann Despair not if you didn't make the list; i realized that i don't know the middle names of some people i dearly love. crap. I'll have to work on that this weekend. And now for my very own completely random list: 10 Orange Things I love, Despite Hating the Color Orange tigers, orange gummi anything, pumpkins, tiger lilies, honeybell tangerines, Tigger stripey orange tabbies, sunset over the Gulf fresh squeezed orange juice, mango curry chicken

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