Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter and Summer

Wednesday night it snowed a little bit – big, dry flakes falling from the sky. It was the type of snow which fell down in humongous clumps drifting down so lazily that you could watch its progress from sky to ground. The storm was brief and nothing stuck to the streets, but when i got home the bushes were covered. The snow had piled up like powder, too hot to melt. Have you ever seen snow so perfect that it looked fake? When the porch light hit it, the snow twinkled like it was made of crystals. I took pictures, hoping that even though it was dark outside the camera flash would capture the same effect. The next day i got back to the office from my shows to find flower arrangements leftover from some event or another in the hallway. They were huge and kinda overbearing with branches and peacock feathers, but i pulled out some lilies and roses to make a bouquet. Flower arranging is one of my little-known, seldom-used talents. I was one lily short of true balance, but beggars can't be choosers and it still came out well especially with the green beads i used in the bottom. (don't even ask why i would have multiple strands of green beads at my desk) All of the blooms were bright yellow and made a bundle of sunshine. Obviously pictures had to be taken. As i was taking the pictures off of the camera today i was struck by how the images were in stark contrast to each other – snow and sun, cold and hot, winter and summer. Taken less than 24 hours apart they are beautiful in totally different ways; it makes me smile at everyday miracles. Keep your eyes open people!

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Rachel said...

I actually like the asymmetry you've acheived, one lilly short.