Sunday, March 8, 2009


We were getting lunch at a supermarket the other day. This particular chain has a REALLY good salad bar and you know how much i love a good salad bar. [why does salad always taste better in salad bar form than any other way?] As team member Amy and i were putting the finishing touches on our salads i glanced up to see this : Great googgley-mooggley! What the heck is that about? How is a demented chef with a vegetable perversion supposed to make me want to buy salad? What is going on with that tongue? Why is it bubble gum pink? I don't know if you can see it in the larger version of the picture, but he is nearly picking his nose with the tip of his tongue. And his eyes - his crazy, crazy eyes. I'm surprised i didn't have nightmares about this guy. I learned an important lesson this day : when at the salad bar, do NOT - for any reason - look at whatever is sitting atop the bar; it might just put you off your feed.

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Rea said...

My MAN saw the picture and said to tell you, "The only comforting thing about this picture is his checkered pants..." Hmmm, that is scary!