Monday, September 27, 2010

Motel Restaurant

After play practice two weeks ago, the director declared that she was going to go try the Motel Restaurant by the Beltway, did anyone want to go with her? Are you kidding me? You know the kind of place i am talking about here, huge neon letters that tell you nothing you couldn't have figured out on your own (as pointed out by stage manager, Debbie) at a place that probably once did a thriving business, but has fallen on some hard times. This is the kind of place that we have all passed a zillion times, but never dare to stop. But by jimminy, we were going to dare. First, Michelle had to put up the rear seat of her station wagon, which i declared to be a rumble seat, but was then immediately referred to as the rumple seat It was a bit of a tight fit for actors Samantha and Erica, but we all made it to the infamous location unscathed. We were even more unsure what type or quality of food we would find since the big sign said RESTAURANT, the door sign said Coffee Shop and the road sign said Chappies. Imagine our delight to find a diner on one side and a lovely dining room on the other with a big round booth just waiting for a group of hungry thespians. The menu was huge and varied. It was easy for all of us to find something to order, even with 2 vegetarians and 1 allergic-to-gluten-dairy-eggs-ian. The restaurant had somewhat recently been bought and refurbished and now tries to live up to the motto: Get Happy at Chappie's. The service was good, the food was good and the prices were good. We spent almost 2 hours laughing and talking and eating and yes, we did indeed get happy! It was so good in fact that i went back the next day by myself for some lunch. I sat on the diner side this time, revelling in the awesome touches of yesteryear, like the lamps over the counter and the ultra-cool clock. Give Chappie's a try - it's at the Beltway and Washington Blvd, by the Home Depot; you really can't miss it. (though remember that there is no exit 10 going south, take Sulphur Spring Rd off of the 95S exit) No doubt i will go back. And i will even refer to them by their proper name, Chappie's, though in my heart it will always be -


Michelle said...

Thank you for taking the best pictures ever and for taking your patronage even further by eating there for lunch THE VERY NEXT DAY!

To tender-heartedly look back on our trip, I recall boppin' to the 80's with you in the front seat. You know that one song, "I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough..."? Well that's my shout out to MOTEL RESTAURANT!

Debbie said...

I don't know how I missed this post! It was such a good time. Thanks for the pictures :-D