Friday, September 17, 2010

pink ring

Someone asked me recently about the ring they saw me wearing in the post two weeks ago about TM Amy's Rock and Roll Reception. This wee, demure accessory was bought on a complete whim at a casino. I spotted it in the gift shop as i walked by and went in to investigate. The shiny fuchsia blouse i wore to Amy's shindig was purchased back in April as a backup for Francie's wedding, but never worn. I was planning on taking it to Hawaii for the big luau party on Saturday night of the conference; i had a bracelet to go with it and recognized that the beads in the flower ring were the same translucent plastic. It was $10 and since i was $30 up at the slots i figured, Why not? With the bitchin' new ring and matching bracelet i couldn't wait until October to wear the blouse, hence the ensemble's debut. It is a bit much for just everyday wear, but makes quite a statement when necessary.


Anonymous said...

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Kaaren said...

*THAT* is some interesting spammage there "Anonymous."

Rea said...

It's very large...and pink...and apparently just as sparkly as vaneers!

Niki said...

That spam is so funny i think i am going to leave it.