Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aloha, State 34!

I enjoyed Debbie's comment I'm so looking forward to that Hawaii post. teehee... THAT Hawaii post... You see, she's relatively new to the Nikiverse and doesn't know that the reason it hasn't happened yet is that there are a LOT more than one post for this trip. I believe the Disney cruise topped out at 20 posts. This trip will probably only have about 10 since i spent most of the trip in the conference center. But here is proof that i was there: I am diligently working on the pictures and copy. Of course, the fact that one of my underwater cameras had to be redeveloped and rerun cause the lab screwed up isn't helping matters. But i promise, Debbie and everyone, it will be worth the wait cause i did do and see some pretty cool things while on a wee island in the Pacific. But MOST importantly perhaps, i did have a chance this weekend to update the Niki State Map in my studio adding Hawaii as State #34! (and Colorado as an airport state) Only 16 to go! [though Mississippi is now even more pissed off] I do love going to new places!

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Douglas said...

Yay! Our trip got the most Niki posts! Happy Dance!