Friday, October 29, 2010


I believe i mentioned that the Hawaii Convention Center had a rooftop garden.
I needed to stop at the ladies' room on the third floor one day of the conference and this was the view next it: I was intrigued: there's a lily pond, sculpture, groves of trees and i am looking out at the city even though i am about to walk into the bathroom. It was cool, but i had get to my session on "hands-on science experiments with things you could filch from the supply cabinet" [it had a better name, but that was the gist; i learned a cool mobius strip math trick] so exploration had to wait until there was a break in the conference schedule.
When i finally had a chance to spend some time in the heavenly garden, i wasn't disappointed.

There is a large patio area surrounded by native plants and water features. Flanking the entrance i saw this unusual tree.
I have no idea what it is, but it had both yellow flowers and small orange fruits that looked like tiny suspended pumpkins.
There were low ponds running along the border of the garden on the convention center side.
Big leafed taro bordered more delicate lilies
while tiny fish flitted about the roots.
The entire street side of the terrace is planted with larger plants and trees and has a lovely path meandering its length.
Various palms, breadfruit trees, Hawaiian cotton, ferns and a jillion plants i couldn't identify surrounded me as i slowly walked through. There was a profusion of this broad leafed plant with cool, pointy flowers that reminded me of Birds of Paradise, except that they were yellow and orange instead of purple and orange and the blooms were in sets instead of single blossoms. Though i have no idea what they are, i liked them enough to make them the back drop to my walking through the forest even though i am on the third floor of a building downtown picture.
(like the blingy shades? i had to buy them in Waikiki cause i left mine at home; also, you can see part of the braided bracelet i made at Bishop)
The landscape designers planted bamboo along sections of the wall so that there are places along the path that are so thick with foliage that you can't see the city.
In fact, in some places the trees tunnel over you and you can't even see the sky. I felt like i really was far away from civilization. I enjoyed the break in my day and the chance to be in nature, especially since the garden is designed so that you can be looking at this view
  and turn in place to this.


Debbie said...

I'm really enjoying the Hawaii posts! Notice I said posts...I stand corrected, lol.

Niki said...

i'm glad; i'll try to keep them coming