Friday, October 15, 2010

Confession is good for the soul (and the laundry)

Perhaps, like my darling BFF, you noticed that the Gold Stars for Grown-Ups counter was stuck on 6 stars for about 2 months. I ran out of the sheets where i kept track of stars. See how forlorn the pad looks hanging there at the bathroom door all naked and alone? I ran out of the sheets the same week my grandma died and then there was work and the play and, well, stuff. I had the new tablet, i just kept putting off setting it up. And without the system in place to reward myself, i started slacking off. When the sheet is hanging there with quiet recrimination - Have you mopped the kitchen yet? Have you? Have You? HAVE YOU? - i remember to do things, but without it, not so much. Two weeks ago, i set up the new system, tweaked things a bit, and set new goals. Then i promptly left the continent for 10 days. Way to plan, Nikster! Anyhoo, i am once again exposing my lameness to create accountability for myself. This weekend i am back on track, people! I will be uploading Hawaii photos, writing a post about the play for my cousin, cleaning my closet and doing laundry. Perhaps i will even do something about the check engine light that has been on for a month. Wish me luck (and stars).


Debbie said...

I'm so looking forward to that Hawaii post!

Rea said...

Yup...still waiting! I'll give you an EXTRA star myself!

Michelle said...

Check engine light's are THE WORST! You're a smart lady so I'm sure you already know this tid-bit but... DID YOU CHECK YOUR GAS CAP?