Tuesday, November 9, 2010

flowers for Sara

I love fTM Matt and am excited about his impending nuptials. Being in Maryland while he is in California, i have taken on an interesting role as his local go-to-guy for wedding things. [Mayhaps you recall when i spent the day scouting venues in Washington County.] Recently, his intended -the lovely Sara- was in town to do some planning and finalizing and to attend family showers. Matt was sweet enough to get me invited to the shower with his side of the family so that i would have a chance to meet Sara in person. The day before the shower he sent a message inquiring about my willingness to help with a brainstorm he had for the shower. hmmmmmmmm... I agreed to help before i ever heard what it was cause that is the kind of craziness i enjoy. He wanted to send flowers to Sara at the shower so that she would know that he was thinking of her and was there with her in spirit. Cutest thing ever, right? Buuuuut, he really wanted to send the flowers that they were considering as the bouquet flowers so that she could see them in real life and florists couldn't make him any guarantees. Did i think that i could find the flowers and take them to her in person? Sure. The above conversation happened at midnight on Friday and the text with the list of flowers arrived at 2am; the shower was at 6pm. I do love a challenge. Though i couldn't find all of the list (red Gerberas are the IT flower for weddings this season; don't look for them at the last minute - you will be thwarted) and i had to make a few close-to-the-picture-but-technically-different choices on the roses (who new that roses were patented?) and i added one not on the list to make up for the daisies, i think i did pretty well: dusty orange roses, bright, variegated roses, (these are called Circus roses; aren't they cool?) mini orange calla lilies, (didn't even know that they existed) orange alstromeria, and Bells of Ireland (this is the one i added for some color variation) I knew how to force feed and prepare them from the studying i did before Francie's wedding and from this in a bucket in my living room I ended up with this once i arranged them, marbled them, vased them and added some ribbons. (for those of you inspired to do some flower arranging i add this picture so that you know what you are getting yourself into) I finished with whole minutes to spare and trundled off to the other side of the city to deliver Matt's sentiments. The craziness of the whole day -right up to trying to figure out how to transport a glass arrangement in the car by myself- was totally worth it when Sara saw them. It was great to share some food, meet some family, and finally spend some time with the cool woman who found Matt's heart. Hi Sara; welcome aboard this crazy ride!

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