Tuesday, November 9, 2010

you really shouldn't peek

Whether its painting, sewing, scrapbooking or working in multi-media you really shouldn't look too hard at pieces when they are at an in-between stage. I was, as one friend described it, cutting big pieces of paper into small pieces of paper to make big pieces of paper (you need to imagine the slow head shaking and incredulous tone he used with a small eye roll to get the full effect) late one night last week and left some pieces drying in the studio. Bright and super early the next morning as i got ready for work i snapped on the light and my mostly asleep eyes were assaulted by this: Bwecha! Stripes, polka dots, greens, tans and candy corn? What the heck was i thinking last night?!? I just had to turn the light off and go about my day. The project -a collaged Thinking of You card featuring sheet mica and a paper fish- turned out lovely (why no, i don't have picture of it - why do you ask? you must think that i am organized or something; silly people), but i was reminded again rather forcibly to 1) not peek at weird in-between stages and 2) cover those stages up to not alarm my 6am self. I just remembered that even though i don't have a picture of aforementioned card you could see it at Objects Found. And then you could buy it.


Michelle said...

Your Halloween/Fall card line at Objects Found is stupendous!

Niki said...

Thank you!
I just took 5 new ones in on Sunday.