Monday, May 16, 2011

God weighs in on my habit of buzzing deadlines

I am good at meeting deadlines, but i tend to get things finished at the 11th hour. It's the way i've always operated and generally it works for me; however, it does mean that it makes me vulnerable to outside forces.
The art show was from noon to 5pm on Sunday, but as part of the organizing committee i needed to be there at 8am to start turning the room.
I had a detailed, succinct plan on how to finish all of my promotional things, get cards made to sell, finish 2 of the 4 pieces in process in my studio so that i would exhibit 3 pieces total, and still manage to get 4 hours of sleep. It was an inspired schedule, if i must say so myself.
Then, the power went out at 1am Sunday morning.
Yes, the lights blinked twice and then the neighborhood went dark.
Pitch dark.
Here i am finishing the title cards by the light of a Coleman lantern:
Who could make this stuff up?

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Rea said...

Truly...I've got nothin! Just a grin!

So how'd it go?