Friday, November 30, 2012

things are happening quickly

Hiya everybody!
Are you wondering when the Etsy update scheduled for today is gonna happen?
It isn't.
But why, Niki? you ask, knowing that i've already taken all the pictures and have had ample time to edit them. Haven't you written the descriptions?
Why yes, yes i have. In fact, I could easily make the 8pm update deadline i gave myself.
But i'm not gonna do it.
I need the stock.
Because i am moving into a physical location ON WEDNESDAY!
It all came together in about an hour this morning.
I am going to share part of my friend Michelle's booth at a big antique mall in historic Ellicott City.
This weekend needs to be devoted to turning this:

pieces, parts of a broken laundry rack

into a usable display for the cool earring cards i am making from counter samples.
And of course i need to make the aforementioned earring cards.
And more stock for the show next weekend in Relay.

I just got home from measuring and planning and display brainstorming to find a little box waiting for me from Kaaren that contained:

Yes, it is a NikCo unicorn stamp. In fact that would be a Russian Unicorn in honor of my favorite Bad Lip Reading song. Yes, it is in the same font as my logo. You know, because she CARVED it for me. Think about that for a moment. if only i had a physical location that needed me to make price tags and wee signs where i could use my custom, hand made NikCo unicorn sign - OH WAIT, i do.
Thank you so, so ,so much Kaaren for believing in me and for using your amazing talent to support me. I couldn't love my stamp more if i tried.

So much to do and so much excitement and so much emotion and so much adrenaline; i feel like an overstimulated toddler.
I'm gonna go take a nap.


Melanie said...

Woo-hoo, exciting!! I hope the location is awesome for you!!

Kaaren said...

I am glad you like it. :) I thought it would be cute to stamp on your Etsy invoices, but now with a store? Awesome. It's great how some things just work out.

Rea said...

WOOHOO!!! Horray!I'm so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Allow me to respond in you, apparently, preferred medium:

NikCo Real World Store
Pink Unicorn Is Freaky
Ellicott City


Anonymous said...

So excited for you! Love you!


Kaaren said...

Wow. That Spam was so good, I might need second helpings.

Niki said...


Anonymous said...

GO NikCo!!!!